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Hi guys! Sorry about the fact that the posts are upside-down. Can't help that! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I will be posting everything on the homepage from now on until further notice. CHAPTER TWO IS OUT! BE SURE TO READ IT!

Chapter Two

The next day Sarah went over to visit Lee. She discovered several of his traits - he was not family-oriented, but that didn't matter as long as there was nothing there she didn't want passed down to their children. Having got to know each other a bit, their conversation soon drifted into more intimate channels. One thing led to another and soon Sarah found herself falling in love. Lee went and shooed his brother out of the bedroom so that he and Sarah could share it instead... Sarah was so happy. When she came out of the bedroom, leaving Lee to sleep off his exhaustion, she ran home in a dizzy trance. She came back to visit Lee several times over the next few months, but one day she began to feel a bit nauseous, and at the same time it occured to her that it had been a long time since her last period... Sarah knew that she must be pregnant, and there was only one thing she could do. Besides, she had never wanted anything so much in her life as this one thing. She

Ta Da!

Here is a preview of the first chapter. The second chapter will be appearing shortly.

How to Build a Home

The first thing Sarah did on arrival in her new home was to take a good look around. Like the social workers at the orphanage had said, the view was certainly very beautiful. But she also noticed that they had neglected to mention the fact that there was nothing else there, except for the letter box and the garbage can. And she only had about 1500 simoleons to spare! "Well, I'll just have to make do with what I've got," Sarah decided finally. And she set to work. Starting with the basics: Sarah bought a bed for sleeping, a fridge for food, a television for fun, a chair to watch it from, a wall, a toilet to go on the wall, and a single lamp to give her some light. There was no money left for more walls, floors or even a shower, but that was not a problem - Sarah knew where to get money. Since she wished to join the science career, Sarah immediately jumped into a taxi and went for a job interview at the science lab.  And as for the shower, well, Sarah knew ju

Chapter One

Sarah Murray Traits: Artistic, Family Oriented, Natural Cook, Green Thumb, Frugal. Lifetime Wish: Raise five children from babies to teenagers. Bio: Sarah never knew her parents. She was orphaned at a very young age and taken to an orphanage where she lived for the next eighteen years. But when Sarah came of age, she could no longer legally live at the orphanage and so was sent out into the world and given a charity lot in Riverview by the Social Workers who brought her up. Now that she is out in the big wide world, can she make enough money to raise the family she's always dreamed of?

The Legacy Begins...

I am pleased to announce that my first chapter of the legacy will be posted very soon.  Please feel free to comment on it however you like.  The first chapter is called, "How to start a home".  I hope you like it!